Fireworks Display

A Dazzling Display

We know that every person who walks this Earth is unique. That’s why we offer this special service for families. Our fireworks displays create a one-of-a-kind tribute for your loved one where you can gather to celebrate the happy times you shared with him or her.

We offer a professionally crafted fireworks show with our exclusive partnership with AM Pyrotechnics. A portion of the cremated remains can be embedded into fireworks (featuring your choice of color and type of firework) to be set off after a funeral, family gathering, or celebration of life. Fireworks can be timed to songs or other selections, such as classical music.

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A Special Remembrance

Celebrate the life of your loved one by hosting a barbecue before or after the display, featuring catered food. Gather around food and drink and share memories and stories.

Light lanterns and watch them float into the sky in remembrance of a loved one. Display the cremated remains or a memory table filled with things they loved.

Our team will work with you to learn exactly what your needs are and to plan a celebration of life that best shares your loved one’s story.