Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One

At Greenlawn Funeral Home, we are experts at creating beautiful services that highlight the interests, accomplishments, and personality of your loved one. Below, we’ve listed a few ideas to help you envision the perfect tribute for your loved one. From displaying your loved one’s pictures to collecting the right props, we’ll assist you every step of the way. Whatever you may need, we are honored to help.

Ideas to Personalize the Service

Fireworks Display

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with AM Pyrotechnics, a portion of the cremated remains can be embedded into fireworks (featuring your choice of color and type of firework) to be set off after a funeral, family gathering, or celebration of life. Fireworks can be timed to songs or other selections, such as classical music.

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Memory Tables

  • For a passionate beekeeper, we can display beekeeping equipment and arrange for bee cookies and jars of honey to be given away.
  • For the ultimate bingo fan, you could distribute bingo cards and play a few rounds at the visitation or reception.
  • For a farmer or cowboy, display their boots and hat while the casket rests on hay bales topped with a saddle adorned with floral sprays.

For Animal Lovers…

A local animal rescue can bring in animals to adopt. At one of our services, six people adopted animals!

More Personalization Ideas

Military Honors

Butterfly Release

Candlelight Ceremony

Limousine Service

Picture Board

Thumbprint Jewelry


Graveside Service

Floral Selection

Motorcycle Hearse

Printed Memorabilia


Balloon Release

Live Music

Horse Drawn Carriage

Casket Personalization

Video Tribute

Receptions & Catering