Fireworks Package

We are pleased to offer Fireworks Memorials through our exclusive partnership with AM Pyrotechnics.  We arrange special fireworks displays which are designed to incorporate cremation ashes.

For a unique and memorable cremation experience, you may choose to have your loved one's ashes embedded into a fireworks display or shell to be set off after a funeral, family gathering or celebration of life.

For a distinctive goodbye, choosing cremation fireworks is sure to be an affair to remember.  We offer two locations and can help you create and personalize a gathering that is a true celebration of a life well-lived. 

Our goal is to match both the event and display as close as possible to each individual's personality.  Depending on the package selection, we can arrange custom color or noise level preferences. We have multiple approaches on how to tailor the event to your wishes, including music selection, a champagne toast or family traditions specific to you.



A simple, yet spectacular, farewell. One massive shot, accompanied by twenty small fireworks.

A small fireworks show, lasting two to three minutes.

A small fireworks show with ashes being distributed at an end finale.

A true fireworks display, similar to what you would see at an event. A definable beginning and end, lasting around seven minutes. Star Spangled Picnic included in cost.

An eighteen minute, truly inspiring display. Star Spangled Picnic included in cost.

An area of your choosing can be arranged; certain restrictions apply. Inside city limits there is an 11:30 p.m. noise curfew to be observed as well as permit fees. Custom packages can be arranged including computer fired displays set to music.

An exclusion period the week surrounding July 4th is applicable.



Fireworks Memorials by Greenlawn Funeral Homes in Springfield, MO from Christopher Jaquess on Vimeo.