Greenlawn Funeral Home, Inc. would like to announce the arrival of their newest staff member, comfort companion, Gracie.  Gracie came to Greenlawn Funeral Home, Inc. in December and is now almost five months old.  Gracie is still undergoing training to become a certified Therapy Dog but already has over one hundred hours of training under her belt. She currently resides at Greenlawn Funeral Home North but as time and training continues she will visit Greenlawn Funeral Home’s four other locations, nursing homes and community events.

 “She is an invaluable gift to our staff and the families that we serve,” said Jason Diemer, Vice President.  “She provides families with support and love, as well as a subtle distraction from their grief.”

Although extremely friendly and very outgoing, Gracie can be found lounging around the office and only attends services upon a family’s request.  The staff is quick to introduce you to her and to offer treats to any visitor who may want to play with her. 

“The support and comfort that Gracie has already brought to our families has completely exceeded our expectations.  It is amazing to see her interact and bring a sense of calmness to those who are going through some of the toughest days of their lives” said Clay Adams, General Manager.

Known for thinking “outside of the box”, Greenlawn Funeral Home is the only funeral home in Greene County to have a comfort companion on staff.  Greenlawn Funeral Home, Inc. strives to make the facilities warm and comforting and felt like this was a great step to take in continuing that feeling.