New Beginnings

At Greenlawn Funeral Home we are committed to guiding you through the funeral process, but we know that the loss of a loved one is a lifelong change. For those who have lost a spouse, life can become very difficult after the funeral is over, and often, family and friends will not understand the new challenges that you face.

For this reason, Greenlawn is proud to present an opportunity for widows and widowers to come together and find community.

It is our hope that through our sponsored events, held throughout the year, will be able to connect you with others in the community that have gone through similar circumstances. We want you to find comfort through your shared experiences, and provide an opportunity to fellowship and build new friendships.



These outings are designed to help you meet new people and connect with others who are dealing with the loss of a loved one as well.  Unless noted, when you register the outings will just be available to you.  In the future there will be opportunities to bring friends and family along.

Plan on the outing lasting a majority of the day.  Baseball games, musicals, etc. will not last as long in comparison to the Precious Moments Chapel Trip or trips with a lot of travel time.

How do I register?:  You can register by calling Amanda Potter at 417-833-1111,  by emailing or by returning the included registration form to any Greenlawn Funeral Home location or mail.  Trips are limited in space so please RSVP by the deadline registration or sooner.  You can register for multiple trips at one time, please make sure to note which trips you are registering for.

Payment: The cost of each trip will be noted in the descriptions of each trip.  The payment for each trip will be due before the time of the outing.  Payments can be brought to any of the five Greenlawn Funeral Home locations or sent by mail with the included registration form.  You can make checks out to Greenlawn Funeral Home.

Transportation: Transportation for each trip will be provided unless noted otherwise.  If you decide that you want to drive on your own, we will designate a meeting place and time at the outing destination.  Provided transportation will most likely always leave from one the Greenlawn Funeral Homes in Springfield.

Final details of each trip will be sent to you a week prior to the outing.  This information will include departure time, meeting location, etc.  If you have any questions you are always welcome to call Amanda.

*** Space is limited so please sign up in advance to ensure that you get a spot on the outings you would like to attend. 

*** Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions, assistance (wheelchair, walker, etc.) or if you have any other concerns about outings

If you would like to be included in future mailers  through email or physical mail please sign up below!

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