Embracing Grief Through Remembrance of a Loved One

February 23, 2022

Following the death of a loved one, it’s common for their family and friends who played an active part in their life to experience grief. Grief is our body’s natural reaction to change, and sometimes it takes a while for things to settle and find a new and healthy pace of life.

You may find yourself struggling to eat, do chores, or sleep properly. You may notice you get easily irritated or find yourself withdrawing from previously enjoyed hobbies. Grieving varies from person to person and sometimes can be a significant energy drainer in your life.

Thankfully, there are mental health resources available and steps that one can take to embrace grief and transform memories into treasuries. The first step will always be to acknowledge that you’re experiencing grief and that it’s okay to do so. By outwardly saying “I’m grieving,” you’re also internally saying that, for that moment, while things are not well, it won’t always be as hard.

Afterward, as we previously discussed, that’s when you can start to take more steps towards processing things on your time and energy level. There is no timestamp for grieving, and working through the various avenues of healing takes great patience since it can be everchanging. Embracing grief is about taking time to process emotions, reframe both good and bad thought processes about death, and to be able to create ways to remember the memories as a whole each day.

Grief often distorts our thought process and fogs our ability to process things. This increase of thoughts shows itself through mixed emotions about different events throughout the day. It also does not stop or slow, even when you become tired. You can still experience busy and swirling thoughts. For this reason, it’s important when you notice this happens to shift your mindset back to the present moment or seek support and guidance from a therapeutic source.

Our thoughts and memories of loved ones can be embraced, and so can the grief you experience. Take it one day at a time. A great option to honor a loved one is through a personal expression piece of jewelry. These pieces can be made from precious metals and are customizable by laser etching to create a lasting and personal remembrance. In addition, pieces come in an array of pendants, charms, rings, and keepsakes for both men and women.

Memories never die, even as years roll on and days pass by. Memories are kept of loved ones in our hearts and will never be forgotten. The personal expression line of jewelry might not be for everyone, and if so, we encourage you to seek out what remembering and honoring looks like for you. If you ever have any questions, are unsure about options, or are interested in creating a lasting memory through personal expressions jewelry, or keepsakes, give our care team a call, and we would be delighted to assist.


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