Guide to Choosing a Meaningful Headstone

November 23, 2022

Those We Love Are Only A Thought Away.

As Long As There’s A Memory, They Live in Our Hearts.

At Greenlawn Funeral Home, we cannot think of a higher privilege than laying a veteran to rest, and we’re honored to do our part in commemorating the lives of our service men and women. It’s not every day we come across people as brave and courageous as these men and women who are willing to sacrifice everything for us.

We want those in Springfield, Bolivar, and Branson to know how passionate we are when a veteran’s family comes to us – and how important it is for the family to have a permanent memorial to visit in years to come. This gives family members and friends a place to connect and pay their respects.

Having a permanent memorial to return to and visit your veteran loved one is also a crucial step in the grieving process. Once the funeral is over, the friends and family leave, and life gets quiet again, a permanent memorial gives you a specific place to begin healing. When you feel like connecting with your loved one, a permanent memorial gives you a quiet, peaceful place to do so.

At Greenlawn, we have several disposition options, including cremation or burial. We can arrange for you to scatter a portion of the cremated remains while keeping a portion to be placed in an urn or keepsake jewelry. Or you can choose to bury some or all of the cremated remains somewhere special outdoors or in a mausoleum.

Perhaps you want to showcase your loved one’s s personal belongings from their time in the military. Our staff can help create a unique service by highlighting the veteran’s awards and accomplishments on a memory table with a display of photos, medals, and their uniform.

These are just a few available options when choosing our team of experts. Our veterans have done so much, and you can celebrate their life and accomplishments for generations to come when you select a permanent memorial. When families visit our monument shop, the dedicated staff members can provide detailed guidance and personalized designs and walk with you through our monument display. Let us show you all our memorialization options and find something that honors your loved one in a lasting way.

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