How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

August 25, 2021
Your funeral service is the only time a celebration will be held in your honor, yet you won’t be able to attend it yourself. This also means that you either have to make pre-arrangements, record your wishes, or rely on those closest to you to communicate your desires. Depending on the timing of the situation, some of these options might not be possible, in which loved ones are drawing their memories and conversations they had with you.
So, you may want to ask yourself, how do I want to be remembered?

For Greenlawn Funeral Home, this has been an essential factor in our customer experience planning, daily operations, and within our rich historical roots in the Springfield community. In 1905 Greenlawn founder, Benjamin Jacob Diemer opened our Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, and as a result, today, we have continued to grow into five various locations. Benjamin and his son, Harry, saw the need, worked hard and had a passion for serving their community. We know that they would want to be remembered for these values and have their family legacy carry on for generations to come.

While legacy building can be a daunting task, Greenlawn staffing is here to listen, support, and carry out the wishes of those who meant so much to us throughout our lives. Whether through planning for the future or after a death has occurred, we want to find ways to honor and remember the deceased’s final wishes. We also want to continue to grow in our community and uphold those values when remembering the work of Benjamin Diemer. Our commitment to the families we serve and being a family-owned business is what we like to call the Greenlawn difference and separates us from other funeral homes. Additionally, we want to find a balance in staying true to Benjamin’s legacy while evolving to meet the needs of our families.

When you come to Greenlawn Funeral Home, you can expect a personal touch and attention to detail. Families who need assistance planning a funeral, cremation, burial, or memorial service deserve the help of professionals who understand their culture, lifestyle, and values. Because of our local roots, that’s the kind of care we provide. We are passionate about helping those who come to us because they are our friends, our neighbors, a part of our community.

The families we serve mean everything to us. It goes without saying that a corporate-owned funeral home cannot possibly invest in families the same way as a family-owned funeral home. After all, our hands-on approach at Greenlawn Funeral Home is all about you – not meeting quotas or increasing merchandise sales. We know our success depends on how we treat each family we serve. We are connected to the day-to-day happenings and honestly care about each person who picks up the phone to contact us or walks through our doors.

We put thought into everything we do. When we opened our funeral home nearly a century ago, it was built from the ground up. The time, care, and dedication this took reflected our investment along with our passion for helping families in our community. Benjamin knew how much the details matter when planning a final farewell, and his example of hard work and thoughtfulness was passed down to us.

We are active members of our community. We are passionate about giving back to our community and dedicated to serving the families inside and outside our doors. We are privileged to do both within our community and here at the funeral home during some of life’s most challenging moments.

At Greenlawn Funeral Home, we are proud of our story, our history of service, and carrying on the legacy of care and compassion. If you need our assistance now or are considering putting your funeral plans in place ahead of time, we are here to help. Assisting our neighbors in our community isn’t a job to us – it is our calling.

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