Top Three Myths about Pre-Planning

October 27, 2021

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffett

In life, we plan personal goals, phases of life, changes, and things related to our future. No matter the motivation, a common theme in planning is looking ahead in expectation. It also relieves stress and provides clear direction about our next steps even before we take them.

While most people think about planning around the New Year, it’s also essential when considering end-of-life plans. When a loved one unexpectedly dies, their family and friends will be asked questions about what type of service they wanted, where they wanted to be laid to rest, and how they wanted to be remembered?

These questions can be challenging to answer if no planning has been done and if the death was unexpected. Therefore, we deeply value pre-planning because it can be very beneficial for everyone if it’s done timely. Instead of making a hasty decision, pre-planning allows for time to process one’s final wishes and makes the process of final arraignments smoother.

Below, we have included three myths about pre-planning along with the hidden values of pre-planning:

Myth One: Making pre-planning arrangement requires payment at that time

Greenlawn takes into consideration the situation and financial needs of each family. Additionally, we offer different payment options based on those factors, and the details can be further discussed during the initial meeting. We want to meet our families’ needs, and for some, it can be simplified to keeping their information and final wishes on file.

Myth #2: Once pre-planning arrangements are made, those choices cannot be changed

This statement can vary; however, at Greenlawn, we guarantee that we will work alongside every family. We understand that circumstances can change, that people move, and that alternations might be needed to fit shifting needs to one’s arrangement.

Myth #3: Pre-planning leaves family and friends out of the planning process

While traditionally pre-planning has been more private, we strongly encourage people to include their families and allow for discussion during the planning process if desired. But when it comes to the more minor details, we think that waiting to make those decisions is wise. For example, choosing flowers, personalization items, and selecting songs are different decisions that aren’t as time-sensitive. Overall, even doing the brief pre-planning will be appreciated and help not to leave loved ones wondering.

Visit us at one of our five locations, and we can sit down and formulate a pre-plan of final wishes and arrangements.

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