What Are Our Options? Alternatives to Traditional Funerals

January 26, 2022
If a care team member asked you what you envision for your funeral, what would you say?

Would it look like other services you have attended, perhaps held in a place of worship or a funeral home? Would you want a formal gathering, solemn in nature, with guests dressed in black? Or would you prefer a more celebratory tone featuring your favorite music and reception held afterward, including your favorite foods and drinks?

At Greenlawn Funeral Home, we specialize in helping families say goodbye their way. This could involve a visitation, church service, reception, or something entirely different. No matter your preferences, we can make it happen. Consider these alternatives to a traditional funeral.

Hold a memorial service led by a certified celebrant.

While we enjoy serving many people of faith, some of our families either do not attend a place of worship regularly or, for whatever reason, do not want to have a religious funeral service. Our celebrants are trained to create the most meaningful farewells by incorporating unique aspects that define who your loved one was. They are the perfect alternative for those who do not have a clergy member to perform their service.

Hold a Celebrate life.

This tribute style is more than a service – it’s designed to be an experience. Decorate our reception room with his beloved Green Bay green and gold, serve all of her favorite desserts, maybe you’d prefer a chic cocktail reception or appetizers with your favorite selection of beer and soda.

We can host an event at our facility or coordinate a reception at a unique location. Whether you want a full meal or specialized bar service, indoors or outdoors, catered or homemade, our professional event planners can create a one-of-a-kind event celebrating your loved one.

Select materials from our comprehensive library of resources.

There are many ways to personalize various service elements through rituals, readings, music, quotes, and eulogies. Our care team can tailor these resources and, when given to our celebrants, only add more value to your loved one’s personalized tribute or if you choose to your preplan.

Whatever your final wishes, our care team will be sure to help you arrange a personalized, affordable service. That’s what we’re here for, serving Springfield, Branson, and Bolivar families any way we can. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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