Metal Caskets

Many families today are searching for an affordable, well-made metal casket for a loved one. If you've decided that your loved one deserves the beauty and durability found in metal caskets, we invite you to explore our selection. We have steel and stainless steel caskets, as well as bronze caskets, each of which was chosen for our collection because of its high-quality construction and affordability.

Our stainless steel caskets are offered premium grades are naturally rust-resistant and long lasting.  Basic grades featured patented cathodic protection which uses an electrochemical reaction to inhibit the formation of rust.  An appealing mid-range selection for those seeking attractive finishes in a wide range of styles and shapes.

Carbon steel caskets are available in several thicknesses and a variety of shapes and colors.  A variety of interior selections are also available to meet your budget and style considerations.

Bronze and copper caskets that are best casket material available.  Bronze and copper caskets offer durability, beauty and are naturally resistant to rust and corrosion.  Premium grade velvet interiors are offered as well.