Affordable Funerals in Springfield, MO

Greenlawn Funeral Home is a full service provider that can help you with all your affordable funeral service needs.  As a family owned and operated funeral home, we put your needs first and always treat you with compassion and respect, just like you were a member of our family.  If you live in or around the Springfield, MO area, you can trust us to handle all the details and provide the most affordable funeral service. 

Unique, Personalized Memorial or Funeral Service 

For many years, we have met the needs of Springfield, MO families with understanding and compassion.  Our goal is to create a meaningful, affordable funeral service that is custom fit to each family’s individual wants, needs and budget. 

We believe that your loved one’s service should honor their life and achievements. For that reason, Greenlawn Funeral Home is pleased to offer endless options to create a tribute to your loved one’s unique life, all within your budget. You can choose to include a tribute video, personalized printing, and endless other options.  Although there are many decisions you need to make, we assure you that we will guide you through the entire process.   

Benefits of preplanning an affordable funeral with us 

At Greenlawn Funeral Home, we encourage families to preplan for their funeral. Preplanning relieves the burden from your family. When you preplan, your family doesn’t have to make quick important decisions about your arrangements. Your arrangements are clearly stated. Preplanning allows you to carefully consider your wishes while also providing you with the peace of mind that your arrangements will be carried out as requested. Think of preplanning as a gift to your family. 

Greenlawn Funeral Home has made it easy for Springfield, MO families to preplan the most affordable funeral service available.  If you are ready to experience the peace of mind gained from planning ahead, then we are ready to assist you. 

Contact Us 

If you are located in the Long Island area and have experienced a loss, please contact Greenlawn Funeral Home at (417) 881-3000. Our funeral directors are available 24/7 for help. Our family wants to provide the best funeral service to your family during life’s hardest times.