Locating Mental Health Resources & Counselors

September 21, 2022

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort

zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”


We often hear from our families that adjusting and finding a new rhythm of life following a loved one’s death can be painful. They feel more isolated, lonely, and overcome with various emotions that seem to come in waves depending on the day. In addition, celebrating holidays and families’ birthdays can feel different, and unexpected changes can increase those negative feelings.

At Greenlawn Funeral Home, we deeply value having trusting relationships with the families we serve and others in the community. We also strive to be present before, during, and after the services of a loved one and do what we can to go the extra mile.

No matter the change, we want to help families who might be struggling to adjust or need a little extra support through community remembrance events, guidance tips on our blog, or posting important information on our social media sites.

If you feel like you’re struggling to adjust and that finding a counselor might be helpful, we would be honored to help connect you to a resource that fits your needs. No one should grieve alone, and there are ways to begin your healing journey.


Below you can find a list of local mental health resources


Center City Counseling Clinic

Offers individual, couple, and family counseling sessions on a sliding payment scale based on your financial needs. They also provide services for children over two and play therapy.

Grief Share

Offers faith-based grief support at various churches across the United States. The time, location, and facilitator will differ depending, but the curriculum is likely to be the same throughout.

Good Dads

Offers individual counseling and restorative programs for dads in the Springfield area. They also hold professional training throughout the year.

Harmony House

Offers shelter services, safety planning, domestic violence education, and other additional outreach services. They also have partnerships with local Springfield pharmacists and provide crisis services and community referrals; more information can be found on their website.

Lost & Found Grief Center

Offer various therapeutic grief support groups and individual grief counseling for families. In addition, they also have an advanced serious illness journey caregiver group.

Psychology Today

Lists local in-person and online individual counselors’ contact information and describes each counselor’s therapeutic approaches. This is great when you’re looking for a more personalized option or want help regarding a targeted issue.

Ozark Counseling Center

Offers individual, couple, family, and group counseling sessions on a sliding payment scale based on your financial needs. They also provide parental education classes and have mediation services for those who might need those.

Synergy Counseling Center

Offers general counseling, outpatient services, and various support groups on a sliding payment scale.

Victim Center

Offers a 24-hour crisis and intervention hotline and counseling services. They also provide victim advocacy services, sexual assault survivor groups, and family violence groups.

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