Visiting Your Loves One’s Final Resting Place

May 31, 2023

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.”

While May can be filled with excitement for warmer weather and summer travels, it can be challenging for others. The pressure to visit our loved ones’ graves, purchase the perfect flower arrangements and decorations, and be reminded that our love for them has not changed. At Greenlawn Funeral Home, we are all too familiar with the stress of preparing for Memorial Day and express our sympathies for all visiting our cemetery, Greenlawn Memorial Garden, this month. We also know that having a memorial space to return to for years to come is priceless for our families. This is why we offer various final resting placements and personalized monuments and have cultivated a peaceful cemetery spanning over one hundred acres.


Tips for Visiting Greenlawn Memorial Garden

Year-Round Location Services

We can help families locate their loves in person and over the phone year-round. Most often, the only information we need to find them is their first, middle, and last names unless their last name is common. Then there’s a chance we might need their date of birth and death. We also have an online system to locate individuals that can be found on the Greenlawn Memorial Gardens page of our website.

Greenlawn Memorial Garden Map

Once you know what section, lot, and grave number they’re located at, one of our care team members can mark their location on one of our maps and provide brief directions to ease the locating process. If you already know their location information and need to map, we have attached a copy of our map on the Greenlawn Memorial Gardens page.

Placing Flowers & Decorations 

Around Memorial Day and the days following, the cemetery brightens with the number of flowers and decorations that families place. We also encourage our families to routinely replace their flowers and discard old flowers into the nearest trash can. More information can be found in our rules and regulations.


Other Helpful Things to Remember 

Be Cautious & Slow When Driving

Driving slowly in and around a cemetery is a good rule of thumb. People in mourning may not pay much attention to their surroundings, so always be mindful of pedestrians and other cars. If there are no traffic signs around the cemetery, try not to drive over 15 mph.

Keep Pets on a Leash When Walking.

While we encourage people to walk in the cemetery, we do ask that pets be kept on a leash when walking in the cemetery. It might be wise to also check the rules and guidelines before visiting other cemeteries, as they can vary.

Keep an eye on children.

At Greenlawn, we understand that the decision to bring children to a funeral or burial is personal for every family. If you bring young children to a cemetery, talk to them about the visit beforehand so they know what to expect.

Contact our team to learn more about planning your visit to Greenlawn.

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  1. Robert Shepard on

    I am looking to purchase one or two plots ahead of need. I don’t have a clue about local cemeteries and people I ask about prices, location, topography, avoid the subject. I looked here hoping to see a map, more information. Not much here. someone mentioned ‘The Good Shepard’, I thought that might be a match of what we can afford and like. Hard to find plot costs.


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