What Made Your Loved One Special

July 20, 2022

“As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss”

In life and death, every person is cherished and has unique stories that define who they are as a person and the reason why they do what they do. These stories can be about a silly childhood memory, someone who impacted their life, a special milestone they’ve achieved, or anything they feel makes them who they are. Together these stories make them who they are and what makes them special to each of us.

Share Memories & Stories

Such stories often get retold over during family gatherings, while sharing a meal, when things remind us of something else, and most importantly, to keep someone alive through our memories. It’s said that when older adults engage in reminiscent behaviors, their depression symptoms will greatly lessen. They are more likely to have a more optimistic outlook and overall better quality of life when focusing on positive memories.

We encourage our families and staff to find times to reminisce on those good memories throughout the year. However, like most things, this requires us to be intentional, and we often must remind ourselves to create this as a long-lasting habit. But there are also times when remembering is more forced, and trying to reminisce might cause more pain than good in our lives. Take, for example, when a loved one passes away, and it comes time to plan their final arraignments.

Acknowledge Your Own Grief

Once happy memories temporarily remind you of things no longer, memories might seem bleaker and more faded, and it can feel as though only you feel sadness. These are common and often are linked to grieving the death of a loved one. At Greenlawn Funeral Home, we want to support you through these periods by listening to those happier stories, providing mental health resources, and working with your family during the final arrangements.

When it comes time to say goodbye to your loved one, our goal is to help you tell their own story in the most meaningful, personal way possible. Our care team will spend time with you, listen to their story and your needs and wishes, and then help you celebrate what made your friend or family member so special.

Focus on Personalization

Creating a meaningful service is our specialty, and we have affordable options available. Personalization is about honoring what your loved one stood for and valued. If your mother loved her garden, we could hand out seeds of her favorite flower for guests to plant in their gardens at home. If your father was a proud Irishman, “Danny Boy” can be played on the bagpipes at the burial. We can host a reception where we can serve up his favorite barbecue feast or her beloved chocolate cake recipe. We can arrange for a balloon or butterfly release as well. There are to celebrate your loved one when you come to Greenlawn Funeral Home.

One of the most popular ways to honor a loved one is with a video tribute. You present us with pictures, home videos, and favorite songs, and we can make a touching video paying tribute to your loved one. During such a difficult time, it is important to process your emotions, surround yourselves with people who love and support you, and, when possible, remember the beautiful memories of that person’s life and what they meant to you.

These little touches are what will stay in your family’s hearts forever – one more way for you to leave your mark. Our pre-planning specialists can make this happen. Imagine your loved one’s delight and surprise when they hear your favorite book quoted during your service or your favorite song played graveside. The experienced, compassionate team at Greenlawn is here to help in any way we can, and we will make sure your loved one shines through their service.

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