• Embracing Grief Through Remembrance of a Loved One

    Following the death of a loved one, it’s common for their family and friends who played an active part in their life to experience grief. Grief is our body’s natural reaction to change, and sometimes it takes a while for things to settle and find a new and healthy pace of life. You may find yourself struggling to eat, do chores,Continue Reading

  • Homegoing Funeral Traditions

    Springfield , Branson , and Bolivar are such wonderfully diverse places to live. Our team at Greenlawn Funeral Home is committed to honoring the traditions and celebrating the lives of families from these areas. It’s important to us to help every family, no matter culture or background, plan the farewell their loved one deserves. This includes our Black families, who have historically rich and moving funeral traditions. While the African American community is one of great diversity,Continue Reading

  • What Are Our Options? Alternatives to Traditional Funerals

    If a care team member asked you what you envision for your funeral, what would you say? Would it look like other services you have attended, perhaps held in a place of worship or a funeral home? Would you want a formal gathering, solemn in nature, with guests dressed in black? Or would you prefer a more celebratory tone featuring yourContinue Reading

  • Managing Grief During the Winter Months

    It’s easy to be hard on ourselves in times of grief. Today choose to be gentle with yourself. Winter is in full swing in the Ozarks. As I sit at my desk, the snow is falling, and my heater is turned up. There is something about winter that makes grieving even worse. The days are shorter, less sun, and the colderContinue Reading

  • The Hidden Value in Getting Your Affairs in Order

    In our society today, the topic of death is considered taboo. The issue is avoided due to discomfort. Yet, funeral arrangements and people passing away continue to happen every day. While it’s understandable why we might steer away from the topic or not want to add additional stressors to our families by having those raw conversations, there is hidden value inContinue Reading

  • Holiday Keepsakes to Honor Your Loved One

    Each year, the holiday season presents a new opportunity to get creative with decorations and keepsakes. Here at Greenlawn Funeral Home, we encourages the families we serve to spend some of this special time to remember and find ways to honor their loved ones. A great way to do this is to make an ornament or creative holiday keepsakes dedicated toContinue Reading

  • How to Make a Veteran’s Funeral Special

    With respect honor and gratitude! Thank you, veterans! Ou r staff at Greenlawn Funeral Home agrees there is no greater honor than caring for veterans and their families. We will never forget moving moments like these: Soldiers presenting the folded American flag to a grieving family, a bugler playing Taps, and a three-gun volley firing by service members. Greenlawn has a long history ofContinue Reading

  • How Grief Changes You

    The death of a loved one changes you in profound ways. A piece of you is missing, never to return, so the idea that grief would change you makes sense.  Because of this deep grief experience, you will never be the same again.   Suddenly, plans for the future are gone, so many aspects of daily life have changed, and yourContinue Reading

  • Top Three Myths about Pre-Planning

    “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffett In life, we plan personal goals, phases of life, changes, and things related to our future. No matter the motivation, a common theme in planning is looking ahead in expectation. It also relieves stress and provides clear direction about our next steps evenContinue Reading

  • Grief After a Suicide Death

    “Death by suicide is not a selfish act or even a choice. It’s a sign of a mind that needs help.  It’s a horrific outcome to a tragic situation.”  David Kessler   Although all grief is difficult, the grief that follows a suicide death is among the most complex. Suicide is beyond comprehension for most of us.  We struggle to understandContinue Reading