• Grief After a Suicide Death

    “Death by suicide is not a selfish act or even a choice. It’s a sign of a mind that needs help.  It’s a horrific outcome to a tragic situation.”  David Kessler   Although all grief is difficult, the grief that follows a suicide death is among the most complex. Suicide is beyond comprehension for most of us.  We struggle to understandContinue Reading

  • What Does Healthy Grieving Look Like?

    How do you know if you are grieving in a “healthy” manner?  We often question ourselves because we are grieving in a society that is unprepared for the depth of emotions involved in grieving, and that has given us unrealistic timeframes for grieving.   NO RIGHT WAY TO GRIEVE As you start your grief journey, remember that there is no oneContinue Reading

  • How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

    Your funeral service is the only time a celebration will be held in your honor, yet you won’t be able to attend it yourself. This also means that you either have to make pre-arrangements, record your wishes, or rely on those closest to you to communicate your desires. Depending on the timing of the situation, some of these options might notContinue Reading

  • How long does grief last?

    Almost everyone experiencing new or acute grief asks this question.  The pain seems unbearable.  Surely no one can survive this for a long period of time.  How long will this last? The answer to this question is a bad news/good news response. Our impatience about how long grief lasts is fueled not only by the pain of grief, but also byContinue Reading

  • A Letter to Grieving Parents

    Dear grieving parents, This is not the life that you dreamed of or hoped for. You shouldn’t have face the experience of burying your child; most would say that you were supposed to go first. The passing of a child goes against the grain of what is expected and leaves a series of emotional, moral, and religious scars. When you welcomed yourContinue Reading

  • What Makes Grief During the Pandemic Harder?

    Are you struggling to cope with the death of a loved one or close friend in the last year?  Does it seem the struggle is longer and harder than you think it should be?  One big reason is that you are grieving in a severely altered world —the world of a pandemic.  The grief from the death of a loved oneContinue Reading

  • Can We Plan a Memorial for a Loved One Who Died Last Year?

    For many around the world, the coronavirus outbreak dramatically impacted every part of our lives. For those working in specific fields, this meant focusing on safety and protection over offering particular services to the public. For Greenlawn, these changes altered the way families and friends could say goodbye to those who passed during that time. Visitations were halted and along withContinue Reading

  • Announcing Our New Blog!

    Welcome to the new Greenlawn Funeral Home blog! If this is your first time stopping by, we hope you’ll spend some time getting to know us, including the many ways we can serve Branson, Bolivar, and Springfield families. We’re so excited about the opportunity to interact with our friends, neighbors, and you through this blog. We think if one or moreContinue Reading